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Get Deution Store Management system for renting stores to merchants.

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With Deution, you can invest with a profit more than 100% every month.

In the stagnation in the markets, and with spread of the Internet, most merchants have realized that selling online is the solution for easy access to their customers.

With Deution, you can have an integrated store management system to provide the service of renting stores to merchants (Deution Store Management System).

Deution Store Management system - Deution

Programming Languages


The system was programmed using the latest versions of programming languages, with clean code used in all parts of the system, Languages are:

  • PHP
  • CSS3
  • HTML5
  • MySql
  • Java
  • Swift
  • JavaScript
  • Cordova
  • NodeJs

System Features


System Modules (Components):

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
  • Affiliates System.
  • Ticket System.
  • Technical support via Live Chat.
  • Invoices System.
  • Registration and login system via Google and Social Media Platforms.
  • Banners and Sliders Management.
  • Reviews System.
  • Drop Shipping System.
  • Wallet system (For Users, Vendors and Affiliates).
  • Multi-Vendor System.
  • Multi-Theme System.
  • Delivery Boys System.
  • Reward Points System.
  • Payment Gateway Systems.
  • Subscription System.
  • Media File Management System.
  • Domain Names System.
  • Live Chat System.
  • Staff Employment System.

SuperAdmin Control Panel Features:

  • Manage Details (project name, data, email, etc.).
  • Manage the platform blog, news and explanations section, and dedicated platform pages.
  • Manage Platform Admins.
  • Manage Stores Owners (Manage their data, subscriptions, and manage Subscription packages).
  • Manage Human resource within all stores (manage sellers, users and affiliates within all stores), the administrator will be able to log in as the store owner, as the seller, as the affiliate, or as the user.
  • Manage Stores Designs (enable or disable them) for store owners to use for their stores.
  • Manage the payment methods that will be available for use in general (each store owner will be able to control the payment methods granted to him by the SuperAdmin).
  • Manage the shipping methods that will be made available for use in general (each store owner will be able to control the shipping methods granted to him by SuperAdmin).
  • Manage application programming interfaces (APIs) with platforms offering various shipping services and payment methods.
  • Manage Platform Admins.
  • Manage SEO settings, marketing and platform advertising tools.
  • Statistics Panel.

Store Owner Control Panel Features:

  • Manage store data (store name, data, email, etc.).
  • Manage merchants and their data (subscriptions, commissions, merchants registration plans, etc.).
  • Manage affiliate marketers (manage their accounts, balances, and commissions on sales, etc.).
  • Manage Users (users accounts, orders, etc.).
  • Manage discount coupons and various marketing methods for the store.
  • Manage SEO settings and store advertising tools.
  • Adding a unique domain name for the store to be instead of and the SuperAdmin can control this feature from SuperAdmin control panel.
  • Manage store design and choose between multiple designs that are previously added by SuperAdmin.
  • Manage his products as a store owner and manage the vendors’ products.
  • Manage Store multimedia files.

Merchant Control Panel Features:

  • Manage his personal account data.
  • Manage his users.
  • Manage his products.
  • Manage his orders and sales.
  • Manage his logo and banner.
  • Manage his address and contact information if this feature is provided by the store owner.

Affiliate Control Panel Features:

  • Manage his personal account data.
  • Dashboard and statistics of its referral operations (requests – commissions).
  • Manage his Balance and earnings.
  • Manage his coupons and campaign designs.
  • Manage his payments.
  • Disable or Enable Notifications via Email.

User Control Panel Features:

  • Manage his Personal Account Data.
  • Manage his Address.
  • Manage his Orders.
  • Manage his Favorites list.
  • Manage his Product Comparison list.
  • Manage his Shopping Cart.

Products Types:

  • Normal Products.
  • Bundle Products.
  • Digital or Virtual Products.
  • Products with Pricing According to Quantity.
  • Embedded Products (Drop Shipping).

Front End Features:

  • It is a theme chosen from designs added by SuperAdmin and managed by the store owner and he can enable or disable any of them for his store.
  • Very professional interface and user experience (UI/UX).
  • Smooth Transition Between Pages.
  • Using advanced and modern design and coding technology in programming languages ​​(JavaScript – HTML5 – CSS3) with Responsiveness on Various device screens, browsing speed and clean code.
  • Easy to Customize and Edit Via a Professional Module to Customize and Build Pages.
  • The System allows You to add any Number of Ready-To-Use Designs.
  • The Design contains important tags for SEO and is fully Optimized for Search Engines.